There is a lot that goes into getting you an interview. Your application was impressive, hitting every stride like you were made of the job. You did your homework, researched the company and your interviewer. You knew your stuff. You were ready.

The feeling of elation as you left their office was encouraging. Who wouldn’t hire you? Hell, you’d hire you.

But then again, why haven’t they called? You answered every questions perfectly. Didn’t you?

The sinking feeling as time passes after an interview can be agonizing. Your perception of the interview will slowly change over time as you second guess yourself, but following these steps will help.

1. Wait a few days and follow up. – As a courtesy only, thank the interviewer, either by mail, or email. Remember that it does take time and there is no guarantee they interviewed all candidates the same day.

2. Don’t envision yourself in the job. If you get it, fantastic, but if you don’t, you don’t want to compound the heartache.

3. Keep applying to other jobs. Be prepared for more interviews.

It isn’t just about keeping your mind off the interview, but honing your other skills. The elation of hitting your stride should be embraced, not soured.