Never Embellish

You’ve found the perfect job posting. It seems like it was written just for you. Your work experience, education, even your volunteer work is spot on. Well, everything except one thing. It could be small, or large, it really doesn’t matter. There’s only one thing sitting between you and the career of your dreams.

What do you do? It seems so simple. It would be so much easier if your problem could just go away.

Many will think about it. Just making the problem go away. The best advice you can follow however is to never bow to that theory. Don’t pretend it doesn’t exist or embellish to show that it does.

A lie, whether white or not will always come back to haunt you. Big or small, telling something you have certain skills that you do not, or credentials you don’t possess will eventually be tested.

It may not be today or tomorrow, but the day will come when that little white lie will have to grow as you give excuses for why you can’t finish a task, or worse, fail without asking for help when you know you can’t do it.

Better to admit your shortcomings and highlight the skills you do have, be proud of what you HAVE accomplished rather than embellish and pretend something you haven’t. Either you get the job based on the real you, or you won’t and another job will come your way that is not only perfect, but perfect for you.