The wait can be deafening. You’ve applied to a dozen jobs every day this week, but your phone just won’t ring. You try not to panic, but the questions swirl through your mind.

Was you resume not good enough? Did you miss something in your application? Is your ringer turned off?

Whatever the case, the long wait for a callback can be frustrating. You know you’re qualified for the jobs you’ve applied for. They should be breaking down your door, let alone giving you a call back.

Don’t panic. All you need to do is think differently. You need to think like the employers that are hiring. Your skills are a commodity to sell, your resume is your advertising. It’s time to become a marketer.

1. Short and sweet – Read through your resume and reduce to the essentials. With respect, most employers don’t care if you were captain of the chess team in highschool. You don’t want any more than one page unless your industry requires it.

2. Focus on results, not on actions – When you change your resume to be results driven, you highlight the great things you accomplished, not the day to day chores.

3. Keywords – Having a base resume ready to send is great, but you will still need to adjust for each application. If a company is looking for a dynamic team player, then you want to highlight your skills that reflect that. Sometimes all you will need is a thesaurus, but at others, you will need to think about how to apply your experience to new situations.

Employers are looking for people they can trust enough to operate their business – or small parts of it – so they can get on to doing something else. Your resume shouldn’t be designed to get you the job, only the interview.