Health and Safety for all Employees Part Two: Rights
Health and Safety for all Employees Part Two: Rights

What Are Your Rights?

Much like your labour rights, when it comes to health and safety, there are several things you have the right to without discrimination. Every employee should know those rights so you keep yourself safe and healthy. In turn, the employers have a productive workforce that works together to reach their goals.

 So what health and safety rights do Canadians enjoy? Here are 4 of the most important elements.

 1. A safe and healthy work place – There’s no doubt that some work environments are more dangerous than others. You do however have the right to a safe working environment. Never fear about asking your employer to correct the situation. Good communication is the best policy.  Once the problem is known, it’s easier to take care of.

 2. The right to know. –  Employees have the right to know about any hazards that exist in the workplace and training to deal with any of those hazards. Never be afraid to ask for that training.

 3. The right to refuse work if there is a serious risk of injury. Notification to the employer must be given so they have the opportunity to fix the problem first.

You are protected from being fired, threatened, harassed, or treated differently for exercising your health and safety rights. In most cases, an employer will immediately act to fix a problem. If they don’t, you always have a recourse to correct the situation.