Having your resume stand out is important.

There’s no question, employers are busy. They wouldn’t be hiring if they had extra time on their hands. That time crunch can lead to some frustration on their part when hiring. They have all their regular duties to perform plus they need to read resumes, interview candidates, and make the decision to hire the right person. In fact, that lack of time will often be the reason why some employers will host job fairs, dealing with all those elements in one day.

We have spoke about it before, but it is always worth repeating. As an applicant, how can you stand out? You want to be the one the hiring officers remember.

  1. Cover letter- It doesn’t have to be much, sometimes only a paragraph in the email you send, but the cover letter is designed to highlight the skills and experience that are appropriate for the job. Sell yourself a little to show you’re the best candidate.
  2. Optimize your resume – Having a couple copies of your resume isn’t out of line. When you see a job you want to apply to, read the qualifications and then highlight your training or experience that best fits that job.
  3. Highlight the appropriate skills – Filling your resume or application with skills that don’t apply may push you to the rejection pile.
  4. Edit your Resume – Whether it’s a spelling mistake or formatting. You don’t want to leave the reader with the feeling that something’s wrong.
  5. Be honest – Some application will ask specific questions. Answering them honestly will help.

Hiring officers and employers often don’t have the time to properly read every resume. You want to make yours stand out by doing these things. Don’t let their frustration or impatience leave you without a job. You don’t have to do it alone though. The consultants at ReStart are trained to help you with your resume. Ask them today about what you can do to stand out.