Job Fair Benefits: For Job Seekers

When you’re looking for work, you feel like you need to hustle your most to make things happen. Hitting the pavement, going door-to-door to potential employers, keeping track of dozens — maybe hundreds of online applications, and the names and contact information of each recruiter you correspond with. With so much, it’s easy to feel spread thin.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to condense it all into one simple event? One that breaths a little life and energy into the mix, and lets you see that employers really are out there trying to connect to you just as much as you feel like you’re constantly trying to connect with them?

Introducing: the Job Fair!

Job fairs are an incredible opportunity for job seekers and employers alike, to bridge that gap between unemployed and understaffed, and create relationships that help both companies and their team members develop.

While job fairs may seem overwhelming at first, with so much going on at once, when you attend one you’ll find they quickly become a powerful tool for furthering your career. You’ll also find these top benefits that will help you in your search for work!

You Can Explore Different Careers

One thing that can make your job search harder than it seems is the fact that you aren’t sure exactly what job you want most.

But when you visit a job fair, you get exposed to all kinds of different avenues you can take in your career!

It’s not just about types of positions, either. You can get a better understanding of the types of company cultures out there, and the different organizational structures at different businesses that might appeal to you more than others.

Even if you attend a job fair that is specific to one industry, employers won’t just be there looking to fill one certain position. Many companies will be recruiting at different levels, and in different branches, letting you see how their company appears from different angles as well (not to mention the promotional prospects they offer their employees)

There’s also the added benefit of being able to learn about different jobs and employers in unique ways, instead of just researching them online (where you might be exposed more to their customer-facing persona). With workshops, presentations, and interactive events, you can get a varied and holistic perspective before making your decision.

What careers do you want to learn more about?

You Get To See Who’s Actively Hiring

Sick of not hearing back from employers? Tired of seeing “we’re always hiring” messages, but then being told they’ll follow up when there’s an actual opening?

Stop feeling sick and tired, and start feeling inspired!

Setting up shop at a job fair is a significant undertaking for an employer, given all the planning and costs associated with it. That means you can rest assured that if you meet a recruiter there, they are definitely open for business and actively recruiting new talent for their business.

It also means that they are willing to go that extra mile, and are as engaged with meeting new recruits as you are with meeting engaged recruiters! All you have to do is match their energy and drive with your own to get started on turning that connection into a job.

What can employers do to show you they’re serious about hiring?

You Can Build Your Network Quickly And Effectively

Put yourself in the shoes of a recruiter, and imagine reading through a hundred paper resumes, trying to get a picture of someone’s personality from words on a page. It’s not easy, right? After a while, many might seem to blend together.

But when you put a face to your name, and introduce yourself to recruiters in-person, not only do you have an opportunity to show off your charisma, they’ll have a better picture of you to help differentiate you from the herd when it comes time to pick a candidate.

Not sure how to act to send the best message? No problem! You can observe how others interact with certain recruiters, and how the recruiters present themselves, before you introduce yourself. Pay attention to who else is getting attention from the employer you’re looking at, and you can get a clearer idea of how to present yourself when it’s your turn!

How do you like to network with other people in your industry?

You Can Jump Into On-Site Interviews

Whether recruiters are conducting interviews themselves, or they are partnering with the organizers or employment agency who are hosting the event, many companies are looking to jump right into the hiring process with the right candidates.

When you follow the traditional job application process, you typically send in a resume, wait to hear back, and may have to fill out more questionnaires or do a phone interview before you even get to meet your recruiter face to face. But at a job fair, you not only get your foot in the door, you walk right through that threshold almost immediately!

This speeds up your recruitment process, and saves you time that you can better spend on developing the rest of your job search.

What other benefits could you see in on-site interviews?

You’ll Build Momentum & Positivity For Your Overall Job Search

When you feel like your job search is at a standstill, you can easily become lethargic, which makes it harder to make progress. The best remedy is to take action!

Going out, shaking hands, and building your network in person not only has the benefits we’ve talked about so far, it also lifts your spirits and gives you more energy through the sense of accomplishment.

It’s also a great reminder that you are not alone out there! Lots of people hit walls when looking for work. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be whole fairs dedicated to helping job seekers make the connections they need. Seeing other people looking for work, and also employers looking for new team members, can help you feel more grounded and connected. It really puts things in perspective.

What other ways do you keep yourself motivated during a job search?