Skills Highly Sought After By Employers


If you’re at a turning point in your life, deciding which skill to invest your time in can be difficult. Acquiring a new skill can seem daunting if approached from the wrong angle, but this shouldn’t deter you rather it should be something to just keep in mind.


Studies have been conducted by Totally Money to gather consensus from major job industries on which skills are most valued as well as which offer the most jobs available. With a large variety of directions to choose from in how to better your career, there’s always a place for you in the field.


Skills in business


When it comes to which business skills are most in-demand nowadays ‘data’ comes up top of the list. More than 30,000 job listings put data skills as their most favored asset which means a high number of opportunities for you. Alongside data as a popular skill set to consider in business, Agile and project management come close in second and third most desired. The average cost for becoming proficient in data and project management has been shown to be relatively low as well.


What transferable business skills do you have in your pocket?




In a time where digital progression and advanced technology are ever growing, skills that benefit in that area are in ever increasing numbers. Coding and software development are two distinctive skills that if applied in the developing digital age opens a variety of career paths. Commonly, learning JavaScript won’t break the bank and opens the door to more than 5,000 available jobs. Other options to consider could be C# or python as they are also useful coding skills with high demand in this job industry.


Do you have an interest in coding?




Most people can agree they’ve wanted to pursue learning a new language at one point or another but turning this into a reality can open a lot of new job prospects. The most sought-after languages include German and French but are close in hand with Spanish. Proficiency in two or more languages has long been a desirable asset in many job industries. Though the margin of jobs offered in this field are limited compared to the earlier listed skills, it still stands considerably appealing to a variety of employers.


What languages would you love to learn?




The digital age brings a larger market for technical skills but it also broadens the horizon for industries that seek innovation and creativity. With most of the population transitioning to increasingly more virtual lifestyles, the need for creative skills are booming. Employers in this job set seek those in animation, illustration, and photoshop which are now more readily available in the form of online courses. Photoshop alone can provide more than 1,000 job listings and is often available as an online class.


What’s your favourite type of art to do?




The growth of the technological industry brings with it the growth of the trade industry. Those with DIY based hobbies or work closely with tech may find this desirable. Along with also being a low-cost option, Electrical skill sets alone rack up more than 11,000 jobs available and plumping following in second with over 2,000. Learning trades can prove to be a worthwhile investment with easy accessibility.


Have you ever thought about a trade program?


At the end of the day whether you decide to transition careers entirely or just make alterations, small adjustments or large, keeping what skills employers are seeking in mind can ease you through the process of navigating today’s job industries. Choosing a high demand skill to obtain can provide you with a larger market of job opportunities and interest when diving into your newest goals for changing your career path.