Why You Should Have An Employment Agency Host Your Job Fair
Why You Should Have An Employment Agency Host Your Job Fair
June 10, 2021

Are you in the middle of a hiring rush? Maybe you just opened a new location, a new department, or decided to expand your current operations. Whatever your reason, when you need to scout lots of new talent fast, the best option is working with an employment agency. And the best way to reach a large audience as quickly as possible is the tried and true job fair!

Agencies have the requisite roster of vetted individuals already looking for work. But you still need to connect with them. For this, there’s no better way than face-to-face. A Job fair lets you put your professional personality into the candidates’ first introduction to your business.

You may still be wondering why hosting your event at an agency is any different than hosting it at your own location, or a common place like a hotel conference room. In this article, we’ll explore the perks of leveraging your hiring with the assistance of an employment agency such as ReStart.

They Can Help You Prepare

The first step to a successful job fair is ensuring you account for everything you’ll need, and establishing a plan of action. An experienced job agency will have the know-how to guide you through your planning phase, making sure no important items are missed.

They can arrange your job fair timeline, replete with allocations for presentations, breaks, and on-site interviews. They can also help you with catering options, based on an appropriate estimate of guests.

Perhaps even more importantly, they help you shape an unbiased application form around your business’ requirements. This can help you avoid accidentally removing potential candidate pools due to wording or selective questions. A qualified agency will also know the questions you need to be asking on an introductory basis to get the type of talent you need.

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They Have The Resources You Need

You’ll need plenty of space for a job fair. Especially if your business doesn’t have a location yet, you’ll be looking to book a professional place with the room to accommodate your needs. The right employment agency can offer you what you need, at reduced or no cost. Some considerations you’ll want to include are whether you need a separate space for presentations aside from the general convention area, whether you’ll be hosting on-site interviews (and how many offices that require), and what sort of presentation tools you will require. Do you need booths, whiteboards, projectors? Your agency may already be equipped, or can help you source the items that will make your job fair so successful.

You’ll also need print material and stationery. Hosting at an agency, instead of somewhere like a hotel, means they can print the forms and documents you’ll need ahead of time, and you’ll have simple access to print anything if you run out. Staff from the agency can handle these sorts of situations for you, as well as attend to your guests on arrival and offer general information about the job fair itself, reducing the time and effort you need to spend on administrative items and letting you focus on the candidates.

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You’ll Get Better Attendance

Advertising for a job fair can be a job in itself. You’ll need to start posting about your event well in advance in order to reach enough people. Where and how you post also plays a huge part in attracting not just a large audience, but the right one.

Employment agencies can not only reach out to the most appropriate candidates for your industry, but even better, they already have! A tenured agency will already have a roster of ready and eager candidates to help grow your numbers with top talent. That pre-existing network is an invaluable resource when it comes to maximizing the success of your job fair. Many candidates may already be vetted, or can come with the agency’s official recommendation. When you draw from a talent pool this way, you’re ensuring you get people to attend, and that those people are the best fit for your blossoming business.

A good agency will also be able to help you canvas quickly and efficiently for more candidates, using their field experience to navigate the best ways to advertise to the general public.

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They Have Services To Help Your Guests With Application Requirements

Making the job fair approachable and simple is key to making sure your guests feel comfortable and welcome. They should arrive feeling like all the tools they need will be at their disposal. And an employment agency is the perfect place to offer up whatever they may need.

For starters, the agency will be able to give them access to computer workspaces and printing material to complete any application items you may require, even if they are online. Additionally, they will be able to get access to templates and guidance for building a customized resume and cover letter geared towards your company.

Are you looking for workers with particular skills or licenses? Well, an employment agency can connect your candidates with the services they need in order to ensure they have all the requisite qualifications. They may even be able to help you or your candidates secure funding to do so!

And whether you are holding on-site interviews or not, the job agency can help people prepare for interviews, from finding the right outfits, to practicing mock interviews. Remember, you’re looking for people who will put their all into making the right impression. And an employment agency can help your potential employees show that they’re ready to be the best they can be.

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Interested in hosting a Job Fair? We can provide you a suitable space at our office and promote the event to the community. 

If you want to efficiently meet qualified candidates in person, consider hosting a Job Fair at ReStart. We have a bright and welcoming office with two board rooms, and friendly and professional staff to greet visitors. With rooms to perform on-the-spot interviews, you have the opportunity to make hiring decisions right away. We can also help you promote the Job Fair to the community by advertising the event in our Resource & Information Centre and on social media.

To learn more about hosting a Job Fair, please contact at 613-539-4900 or email jobdeveloper@restartnow.ca