And YOU can do it too!

If you’re looking to boost morale, encourage higher performance, and inspire leadership values in your employees, then Employee Recognition is for you!

Recognizing the accomplishments that your team has achieved (individually and as a group) is important for retention rates, job satisfaction scores, and, ultimately, your bottomline.

So what are some of the best ways to practice employee recognition? Read on, and let’s find out!

Make it a regular event

There’s no simply “getting it out of the way” when it comes to authentic recognition.

You can’t simply say thanks one time and expect the same levels of positivity from your people.

So when it comes to recognition, one of the most important things is to keep it frequent and consistent. You can even make a schedule for it.

You should be making it a part of your group meetings, your 1-on-1s, your company correspondence and newsletters. You can share achievements internally, but also externally, with your clients and customers. You could even make sure you tell a different person something encouraging every day.

Mark major milestones by openly reflecting on the achievements of your team. Finish a big project on time and on budget? Make sure you celebrate before moving on to the next one.

Recognition should also be easily recognizable. Your metrics should be visible for everyone to see, so that you can all appreciate your successes along the way.

Make it an event

Recognition doesn’t have to always be a footnote in the history of your daily activities.

Single out singularly remarkable achievements by making them a special occasion!

You could cater breakfast, lunch, or dinner for your team. A popular catering option, if you work in the same building, is to order a food truck for a day!

Even if you’re remote, you can still celebrate together. Try scheduling a virtual happy hour where you can all talk or play games without having to feel like every Zoom meeting has to be about work!

The point is that sometimes special performance needs to be made to seem just that: special. Set time aside so that you can focus on what matters most.

Say it with a card

You know the best part about how almost no one writes things by hand anymore?

The fact that it makes handwritten notes all the more special.

A handwritten note shows that you took time to specifically think about them and their contributions. It also shows a level of personal connection that will reinforce your relationship with your team.

It could be for a specific achievement, or just their ongoing good work — that part is up to you!

Sometimes, it’s the little things…

Grand gestures are grand, but sometimes it’s the little things that count.

Your gestures of appreciation don’t have to be monumental. You don’t need to break out the podium and open up the trophy case for every achievement.

Politely thanking people in passing is still a powerful way to recognize their efforts.

You could also consider some other minor rewards that will still give them major boosts:

  • A special parking spot
  • YOUR parking spot!
  • An extra-long lunch break
  • An extra break
  • Coffee or tea
  • A small trinket or plant for their desk
  • A novelty trophy
  • A special desk or office for the week
  • Company swag/promo products

You don’t have to break the bank to do your part!

Customize your congrats!

Just like every person’s contributions to your business are unique, so too is every person unique.

And that means that sometimes the best way to recognize your employees is to recognize what makes them unique!

Consider what they like, and reward them with something they’ll appreciate. This could be something for their hobby, a movie or TV show they enjoy, a game they like to play — anything that shows them you appreciate who they are as an individual.

Choosing a unique gift or experience is also a fantastic way to help shape your company culture! If your business designs snowboards, why not celebrate a win by taking the team snowboarding!

Now what would be a great gift for YOUR team?