Do you feel on edge when you’re left on the hook just waiting for something to…


You’re not alone.

“Job Offer Anxiety” is a term used to describe the feeling of waiting to hear back from recruiters after applying or interviewing for a job. And almost every job seeker experiences it at some point in their career.

But while it’s something everyone goes through, it’s not something everyone understands.

Taking some time (like, right now!) to learn what causes job offer anxiety will not only help you put it in perspective, it can also shed light on how to cure it.

Let’s take a look at 5 causes (and 5 cures) for job offer anxiety!

Cause #1:

Stalling your job search

Often the reason that waiting for a callback stresses us out is simply because we do nothing but wait!

It’s important to not lose sight of your overall goal: finding a job.

So when you’re waiting for a call or email from that last recruiter, don’t be afraid to keep looking for the next one. The worst that can happen is that you wind up with more job offers than you originally expected!

Cure: Don’t stop the search!

Cause #2:

Physical restlessness

One of the reasons you feel so tense is because you’re not letting your body move.

Anxiety is an emotion, but it’s closely tied to your physical actions.

Ever heard the expression “letting off some steam”? People often use it to refer to going and doing some activity to reduce their stress, like jogging or hiking or stretching.

Our body actually does process anxiety when we exercise. Regular exercise has been proven to decrease tension and increase (or stabilize) our moods.

So when you feel physically restless from stress, listen to your body and let it move!

Cure: Physical activity!

Cause #3:

Watching the clock

Finding a job might be your number one priority, but the truth is that filling a position is not a hiring manager’s only responsibility.

More often than not, the timelines set out by recruiters can be changed at a moment’s notice. 

There may be changes to their work schedule, or other positions that need to be filled first. They may not have had a chance to meet with all the candidates, or they may have extended the application period to allow for more.

Put things in perspective and don’t let delays cast doubts on your candidacy.

Cure: Give them (and yourself) time!

Cause #4:

Fretting over your follow-up

While you may not be able to rush an employer, it’s still acceptable to inquire about the position every so often — so long as you do it politely!

For starters, you should always send a thank you email after an interview. Personalize it and let them know one thing you appreciated about the process, then say you look forward to hearing from them.

This will make sure you’re leaving the channel open for communication, so you don’t have to worry that they might hesitate to reach out to you.

You can also send a follow-up if you haven’t heard from them in a while.

You should ALWAYS wait until after the time has passed when they said you could expect to have an answer. If they did not tell you when to expect a reply, wait at least 2 weeks before following up.

When you ask for an update, be polite and not pushy. Thank them again for meeting with you, and express that you’re still interested in the position. You can even open by sending them an interesting article or industry tip that you think might interest them, so the focus isn’t entirely on you and your candidacy.

Cure: Send a friendly follow-up!

Cause #5:

Resume regrets

When you spend time trying to convince other people that you’re a worthy employee, only to get ghosted, it’s easy to lose confidence in yourself.

You might start to doubt your resume and the list of skills you have to show.

One easy way to avoid doubting yourself is to review your resume!

Look for any spelling errors or missing information. Think about how you might reword parts of it to help reinforce your value to employers.

But most importantly, take a moment to appreciate yourself!

You have accomplished a lot in your life, and every new job application is another example of how you keep pushing yourself forward. Your resume is a reminder of some of your career highlights, and a record of just what you’re capable of!

Cure: Review your resume and remind yourself why you rock!


Sometimes what really makes us anxious about job offers is feeling like we have to deal with it alone.

But the truth is, there are experts who want to help ensure you get the most out of your job search — like us!

If you could use some support to help ease the stress of job searching, talk to ReStart today!