Writing the perfect resume might not be as simple as 1, 2, 3.

But today we’re going to show you it IS as easy as just 1, 2, 3, 4!

In today’s article, we’ll review the 4 things that make any resume really pop when a recruiter is reading.

Let’s have a look!

1. Super resumes are job-specific!

Unlike a comfy housecoat, the best resumes aren’t one-size-fits-all.

Before you submit a resume to a new job application, make sure that the version you submit is speaking to the specific qualifications of their ideal candidate.

Look closely at the job posting or on the company’s website and social media for keywords and values that you can incorporate into your resume. You can use these keywords to describe past jobs, and even to decide what past experience (work or otherwise) is relevant for this particular recruiter.

If you’re planning on applying to many places, it’s a good idea to create a master resume document which has all of your work history and skills, as well as different summaries of your experiences using different language.

That way, you can simply cut out what you don’t need when applying to a new job, instead of having to build your resume from scratch each time!

2. Make it measurable to make it memorable!

If I just told you that I could lift really heavy weights, would you be impressed?

Probably not. And don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings for saying so, it’s just a hypothetical.

But what if I made it more tangible? What if I told you that I could bench press 375 pounds? Or that last year I increased my weight limit from 300 to 375?

While it’s still just a hypothetical (unfortunately), it does sound a lot more convincing, and gives you a better impression of what hypothetical me is actually capable of.

The same principle can be applied to your resume.

Don’t simply tell people that you’re “team-oriented”, for example, tell them that you led a team of 12 staff and managed schedules while creating a communications process to keep everyone in touch.

Don’t say you’re good at sales. Say you hit 137% of your target over the course of your last job.

If you can show actionable results that support your statements with numbers and statistics, it will make a stronger impression on your recruiter. As strong as my hypothetical arms.

3. Easy to read, easy to remember!

By now you have read 415 words in this article. At an average reading speed, that’s about 2 minutes. Maybe a bit longer if you’re paying closer attention, or taking notes.

In all honesty, that’s a pretty good attention span these days. Especially for something you’re browsing online. But do you know how long a recruiter typically gives their attention to a single resume?

Only about 6 seconds.

How much information could you have taken in from this article in just 6 seconds? Maybe the title? Maybe the opening statement? Maybe you’d just glance through for words that are in bold, or any bullet-point lists?

Recruiters do exactly that. They skim through resumes and only take in the information that is MOST APPARENT, not necessarily the information that is the MOST IMPORTANT.

Your goal should be to lay out your resume in such a way that the most important info IS the most apparent.

That means putting your juiciest tidbits at the top, like a short summary of what value you bring to the table. And drawing their attention to specific skills and keywords by making them easy to read.

4. Brag, boast, and be unique!

You’re not just competing for the recruiters attention.

You’re also competing with other candidates, too.

Many job seekers make the mistake of advertising themselves as the “status quo”. They want to check all the boxes, but they don’t show how they think outside the box.

As a result, they don’t tend to talk themselves up as much as they should in their resume.

But you’re not going to do that, right? Of course not, because you’re awesome and amazing and definitely have stuff to be proud of!

So your resume is going to showcase all those things, so that your recruiter knows they’d be proud to have you as a colleague, too!

And it’s also going to let them know what sets you apart from the rest. What you can do that no one else can. What makes you not just the best candidate, but the ONLY candidate of your kind!


Resumes are the first part of a job search, but they can also be the worst part about searching for work.

Thankfully, you now have FOUR brand new tricks to get your resume recruiter-ready in no time!

If you need additional help with resumes, or cover letters, or any part of your career, ReStart can help, too! Talk to a job developer on our team today to get hands-on help!