Are These 8 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job?
Are These 8 Reasons Why You Didn’t Get The Job?

When we get turned over for a job, it’s easy to doubt ourselves.

But the worst part of doubting is that we don’t always know what we did wrong in the first place.

As a job seeker, it’s important that you learn from your missed opportunities, so you can make the most of those to come.

And as a person, it’s important that you put things in perspective so you don’t let the shadow of doubt overshadow your motivation.

So in today’s article, we’re going to explore 8 ways that you might have missed the mark with your last job application. Let’s have a look!

1. Did you not follow the application instructions?

Employers expect you to perform certain tasks. And while they may take time to train you, they want to know as soon as possible that you can follow their instructions when given.

And that typically starts before you even get the job — during the application process!

Always be sure to read over job postings thoroughly to make sure you are contacting the right people, the right way, and sending the right materials, at the right time.

2. Is your online presence unprofessional?

While you might be completely professional in your emails, phone calls, and interviews, those aren’t the only places your potential employers can get to know you.

If your social media doesn’t match your professional persona, then take some time to clean it up before you apply. You can also make your profiles private in some cases, which can make it harder for recruiters to get the wrong image of you.

3. Did you make a bad first impression?

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That’s why it’s important to set the right tone, right from the get-go.

You might not normally be the type of person who is late to an interview, or looks a bit disheveled, or calls someone by the wrong name…but your recruiters don’t know that. They’ll think that’s what you are like 100% of the time, since that’s all they’ve seen from you for 100% of the time you’ve known them.

Try your best next time to make a strong impression, because it’ll have the complete opposite effect!

4. Did you forget to do your homework?

If you showed up to an interview asking all kinds of questions that 5 minutes on Google could have answered for you, then you definitely sent up some red flags.

Recruiters want to know that you can come prepared, and are self-disciplined enough to do your homework.

Have a question about the company history? Or the job details? Take those 5 minutes and go over the job posting, or the company’s website, instead of taking 5 minutes at your interview. It’ll also show them you respect your recruiters time!

5. Were you too full of yourself?

There’s no arguing that you have to shine the spotlight on what makes you a great candidate.

But being too boastful, or overly confident about landing the job, can hurt more than it helps.

Make sure you ramp up your enthusiasm, and don’t come in guns blazing. Take some time to let your interviewer get to know you naturally, and only bring up your accomplishments when relevant.

6. Were you not confident enough?

Just like too much confidence can stop you from getting a job, too little can be just as bad.

When asked questions about your experience, you should always take those as opportunities to sell yourself.

Don’t feel nervous about opening up at an interview. If employers didn’t want to get to know you, they wouldn’t invite you to an interview in the first place!

7. Did you not follow up after the interview?

If you want to continue a relationship with an employer, it’s good to keep in contact after the interview ends.

A simple thank you note (handwritten or email) to the recruiters is a great way to keep your name fresh in their minds!

Acknowledge their time, thank them for the opportunity to meet, and let them know you’re excited to move forward if they so choose.

It’s a small gesture that can pay off big time.

8. Did you make a connection with your recruiter?

If everyone could be friends, we’d never have enemies.

Now, your recruiter might not be your nemesis, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll be besties either.

Building a connection with a new person is a soft skill that can take a lot of time to practice. But making that connection is critical to getting them to want to work with you.

Try focusing on ways you can add a personal touch to your next interview. Show a genuine interest in them as a person, or find some common ground that can unite you.


Are any of these 8 reasons the reason you didn’t land your last job?

If so, hopefully they’ve shown you an area you can work on to make sure that the next time will be your time to shine!