4 Tough Interview Questions. 4 Smart Answers.
4 Tough Interview Questions. 4 Smart Answers.
August 4, 2022

Interviews are tough. Every employer has their own approach.

But you’re tougher. Because after reading this article, you’ll be ready for some of the toughest questions they can throw at you.

Today we’re going to review 4 of the most difficult questions that come up at an interview, and 4 easy ways to give the perfect answer.

Let’s go!

1. “Why should I hire you?”

Interview questions aren’t just tough — they’re sneaky, too!

That means that you sometimes have to look beyond what you’re being asked at face value, and think about what your recruiter values in a candidate.

In this case, the real question is “what accomplishments prove you will improve my business?”

Instead of giving a generic answer like “I am a hard worker” or “I am very knowledgeable in my field”, tell them some specific examples.

For instance, “I delivered 115% of my expected work output in a similar position”, or “I am well-known for my expert lectures on this particular niche”.

Don’t just say they should hire you, show them why!

2. “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

Chances are, if you’re looking for a job then you are trying to change your future. Which means that, in some ways, you’re uncertain about what the future may hold.

And that’s okay! Because this question isn’t about the specifics of your lifeplan. It’s about whether you have ambition.

Think of the question more like “do you have long term goals?”. By describing your future outlook, you’re showing your recruiter that you want to develop yourself, which means you could help their business develop and grow, too!

It’s also a subtle way for the employer to gauge how long you’re likely to stay with their business. If your long term goals are going to take you far away, as soon as possible, then you might not be worth their investment.

3. “Have you ever been involved in a workplace conflict? How was it resolved?”

This question is a two-parter. But your answer should come as easily as 1, 2, 3!

Some job seekers are worried about seeming too agreeable, and they will say that they have never had a conflict.

While it is possible that you have never had a conflict at work, it’s better if you do prepare something to talk about. Whether it’s an issue between you and a coworker, a customer, or a friend — if you’ve never had a problem, then you’ve never proven you can solve it!

This question is really “how do you solve interpersonal problems?”. What your recruiter is looking for is evidence of your emotional intelligence.

So, to show off your emotional intelligence, give an example that shows you empathized with the other person, took responsibility for your actions, and reached a resolution because of it!

4. “What do you do for fun?”

Some interview questions come disguised as small talk — but this is a big one!

What is usually being asked is either “what’s your personality like?” or “how do you balance work and life?”

Both aspects are important to address in your answer.

Don’t worry so much about trying to make your personality seem different than you are. You don’t have to make up hobbies that you don’t have, or pretend that you only ever focus on work.

While it’s good if you discuss some actual hobbies that could relate to the job, your recruiter also wants to know how well-rounded a person you are.

It’s also extremely important in this day and age, with the increase in remote work opportunities especially, for employers to know that you can manage your own mental and physical wellness. 

Your extracurricular activities aren’t just for fun — they’re self-care and self-development, too!


Preparing for your next interview is like a workout for your brain.

And now that you’ve done just that, you’re strong enough to tackle the toughest of questions!