ReStart partners with community services to enhance the experience of our clients, and our community at large!

One such partner is the Immigrant Services Kingston and Area program (ISKA), offered through Kingston Community Health Centre (KCHC)

Located at 837 Princess Street, Kingston ISKA offers a range of services to help newcomers to Canada settle in and adjust to their new lives.

The ISKA program provides assistance to newcomers in a variety of ways, including housing, employment, education, and health care. Staff members at KCHC are trained to provide information and support to immigrants, helping them to navigate the often-challenging process of settling into their new home.

In addition to its immigrant settlement program, ISKA also offers a range of other services specifically designed for immigrants. These include language classes, legal clinics, and social events and activities. These services help to build a sense of community among newcomers, providing them with the support and connections they need to thrive in their new environment.

They accompany newcomers along their settlement journey and help make the transition as smooth as possible. Areas of focus can include:

  • Assistance with government documents
  • Individualized mentoring and solution-focused counselling
  • Opportunities to make connections in your community
  • Support with finding a home for you and your family
  • Support with enrolling children in school and daycare
  • Connecting you with resources in your community
  • Services in multiple languages
  • Document translation through CEOTIS (fees required)
  • Coordinated Language Assessment and Referral System (CLARS) on-site through Noble Language Assessments

Through partnership with the Kingston Immigration Partnership and the City of Kingston, KCHC Immigrant Services offers a welcome package for newcomers, while supplies last. This package provides access to Kingston activities and services and can include a Kingston Transit pass, a Fitness pass to city recreational programs, vouchers for shows at the Grand Theatre and family passes to museums. If you have arrived in Kingston within the past year and are either a temporary worker or permanent resident, please visit their office to receive a welcome package.

KCHC’s immigrant services are not just limited to those who are newly arrived in Canada. The organization also offers ongoing support to immigrants who have been in the country for longer periods of time, helping them to integrate into Canadian society and access the services and opportunities they need to succeed.

Overall, the ISKA program is an invaluable resource for newcomers to Canada, providing them with the support and assistance they need to settle in and build a new life in their new home. If you are an immigrant to Canada and are looking for help and support, be sure to visit KCHC’s website to learn more about the services they offer!

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And newcomers with Permanent Residency should also visit ReStart for assistance with finding and maintaining rewarding work in our community!