The Process for  Employers

Contact Restart employment services

Ask to speak with a Job Developer or identify yourself as an employer.

Provide job description to Job Developer

Provide business information for registration paperwork

Sign registration paperwork

Receive and review candidate resumes

Conduct interviews and choose best fit

Provide job developer with “new employee” details (e.g. wage, job title, hours per week and start date)

The Job Developer will prepare a placement contract outlining the amount of wage subsidy per hour and in total.

Meet with Job Developer and “new employee” prior to start date to sign placement agreement

Send job developer pay stubs as they are generated

Receive reimbursement via cheque in the mail

Meet again with the Job Developer and “new employee” to sign off that the placement has ended.

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Job Developer

  • Establish and maintain activities to develop, locate, and secure job
    openings for clients
  • Market programs
  • Coordinate job resources
  • Initiate and maintain ongoing professional contacts with a variety of business and industry representatives to promote various programs
  • Make cold calls to potential employers
  • Research the internet, newspapers, agencies, and other resources for job leads
  • Match employers’ needs to clients’ capabilities and interest
  • Negotiate work placement agreements between clients and employers
  • Explain to Employers about the program’s employment support services
  • Provide Job coaching and assistance with job retention
If you’re an employer and wish to contact one of our Job Developers please call 613-542-7373 

List of Services Available to Employers


There is no cost to working with ReStart as we are funded by the provincial government and Employment Ontario.



We run a variety of Employment Ontario programs including:

Youth Job Connection Program

Youth Job Connection Program

Provides 60 hours of in-class training to youth aged between 15-19, that follows with a paid placement offering between 50-100% of their hourly wage to a maximum of $2,500 being reimbursed to the employer.
Youth Job Connection Summer

Youth Job Connection Summer

Provides 20 hours of in-class training to youth in high-school between 15-18. Followed by a paid placement for up to $1,200 per student, or 80 hours of work during the summer months.
Employment Service

Employment Service

Helps clients from all walks of life and all ages in improving their interviewing, job search and resume building skills. Oftentimes, when hired, these clients are also able to provide wage reimbursement between 25% to 85% of their hourly wage to the employer. READ MORE>
Canada Ontario Job Grant

Canada Ontario Job Grant

We also offer employers access to the Canada Ontario Job Grant, where local employers with under 100 employees can potentially receive up to 80% reimbursement for training for their workforce. Employers can choose a variety of training that will increase the capabilities of their staff including college and certified training courses offered throughout Ontario.


When you are looking to fill a position, you can provide a Job Developer with your job description and requirements, and the Job Developer can provide you with any candidates within our agency that have the qualities you are looking for. You are always welcome to use our space to conduct interviews (when available). If you choose to hire one of our clients we can then offer wage reimbursement through a placement.

The amount offered depends on the client as well as the program they are in here at ReStart. There are circumstances under which you can refer someone to us that you are interested in hiring, in these cases, the candidate MUST be currently unemployed or working less than 20 hours per week elsewhere at the time of hire, and not be in school full time, as well as legally able to work in Canada. You can always provide your Job Developer with their resume and contact information, and they will reach out to the new hire to have them come in to meet with one of our Employment Consultants to be registered. We usually need at least a week between the new hire being registered and starting the job.

Job Screening/Job Fairs

Job Screening/Job Fairs

As mentioned above, you are welcome to send any job descriptions and your Job Developer will be happy to screen candidates for you, including preliminary interview screening, etc. You are also welcome to host any job fairs or attend any job fairs we have available, with full use of our boardrooms (when in-person meetings are allowed).
Training Grants

Training Grants

We also offer the Canada Ontario Job Grant, which offers up to 80% reimbursement on training costs for new and current employees. The training cannot be a mandatory, government-mandated training, and must be provided by a registered trainer. If you have further questions about the COJG we are happy to send you a separate email to discuss this program in further details.
Wage Grants

Wage Grants

ReStart is funded by Employment Ontario, as well as the provincial government. We can offer wage reimbursement through our placements when hiring one of our clients, this amount ranges between $1,000 – $4,000 per person depending on a few factors: program they are in, time of year (funding remaining), the clients specific background. The amount reimbursed will be a percentage of the clients hourly wage.

This wage reimbursement will be provided in way of a placement contract, which must be signed on or before the first day of work by both the employer and the client. Paystubs or timesheets must be turned in by the employer every two weeks, and they will then be reimbursed via cheque in the mail. At or near the end of the placement, the client, employer and Job Developer must meet again to sign the paperwork. If the client is let go or quits before the end of the placement, the employer will be reimbursed up until the last day the employee worked, and the sign out will need to be done around the clients last day of work.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if the employee quits?

If the employee quits, the employer will receive wage reimbursement up until the last day worked by the employee. The employer will not receive the entire amount allotted in the placement agreement if the employee quits before the placement ends. 

The employer must let the Job Developer know as soon as possible so they can then prepare the placement paperwork to be signed by all parties.

The employer can then ask for more candidates to re-fill the position. 

How do I register as an employer?

Provide your Job Developer with the following information: 

  • Legal Business Name
  • CRA/Business Number
  • Date Business was Established
  • Number of Employees
  • Business Corporate & Mailing address
  • Main contact person(s)

The Job Developer will then provide you with a form containing the above information for you to sign. This process is done yearly to ensure information is kept up to date.


Does the recruitment process cost me?

No, there is no cost to use any services at ReStart.

What if I have to fire an employee?

You must follow the rules and regulations of the employment act when firing an employee, even if they are still in placement. Please notify your Job Developer as soon as you have decided to fire the employee, so they can prepare placement paperwork to be signed out, and to provide the client with further assistance in their job search. 


Once the placement is signed out, you may ask for more candidates to be sent to you.

*Please note that laid-off positions are not eligible for placements unless there are special circumstances.

What happens once the placement is complete?

The employee remains on your staff as any other employee that was hired. The employer, Job Developer and client will meet to discuss how the placement went, and to sign the placement paperwork.

Continue sending pay stubs to the Job Developer to ensure the entire placement contract is paid out.

What am I responsible for regarding vacation and holiday(stat) pay?

The employer is responsible for all vacation pay, stat holidays, sick and personal days. ReStart does not cover any holidays, vacation days, etc. For example, a client working on a stat holiday will receive stat holiday pay, if in placement, ReStart will only reimburse the hourly wage as outlined in the funding proposal.

Do I have to add them to my payroll?

Yes, you must add your new employee to your payroll in order to receive wage reimbursement.

I work with another employment agency, can I still hire candidates from ReStart?

Yes, you are able to work with any employment agency at the same time.

Do I have to send pay stubs?

No, you may decide to provide timesheets in lieu of pay stubs, timesheets must include the signature of both the employee and employer. 

Can the cheque be put in my name, instead of the business name?

No, the cheque must be made payable to the name of the business as stated in the employer registration paperwork, and the placement paperwork.